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Since June 2008 we offer domestic suppliers and foreign importers and other business customers to conclude their net export deals with us. For that matter we buy cars and many further export goods from the domestic supplier gross, that means 19 % German VAT included. After that we sell the cars to the foreign customer net, that means without VAT. By means of our efforts the price of the car increases by 1.5 % of the domestic net price only, but at least by 650 € per car.

This way the domestic supplier has the full liquidity of the gross value at his disposal immediately, due to the fact that he is receiving the German VAT from us. This way he does not need to take any fiscal risks.

As a „gross-payer“ the foreign customer client often becomes an even more welcome client for the domestic supplier. Thereby he has a much better starting position for his value negotiations.

Here is a realistic example: Our purchase of a car in Germany for 50.000 EURO net + 19 % VAT (9.500 EURO) = 59.500 EURO gross – our sale of the car to the foreign customer for 50.750 EURO net!

Benefit from our 20 years-experience in foreign transactions!

We speak German, English and French fluently!

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