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Do you want to deliver other export goods to companies in the intra-Community territory or to customers in third countries? then your customers want to buy the goods from you net without German VAT. They must pay the VAT (and in third countries often in addition customs duties) in their target countries. But you don't want to sell your goods net without German VAT due to the well-known fiscal doubts, neither as an intra-Community delivery nor as an export delivery? Then sell us your goods! We buy them from you gross VAT and sell them to the foreign customer net, as an intra-Community delivery or as an export delivery!

Like this we deal among other goods in busses and utility vehicles, in aircrafts, boats and ships, in machines and machine parts, in chemical and electrotechnical products, in ores, metals, metal products and semi-finished products, in medical technology and control technology, optical products and clocks, in computers, broadcasting and television devices, mobile phones and all other products of entertaining technology, in rubber and plastic products, in office machines, furniture, jewelry and noble metal, in musical instruments, sport equipment and toys, in paper, glass and ceramic, in textils, leather and leather products, in wood and wooden products of every description, in construction products and building equipment of every description, in cremes, lotions, soaps and cosmetic products of every description and in any other kind of movable goods.

This way the domestic supplier has the full liquidity of the gross value at his disposal immediately, due to the fact that he is receiving the German VAT from us. This way he does not need to take any fiscal risks.

As a „gross-payer“ the foreign client often becomes an even more welcome client for the domestic supplier. Thereby he has a much better starting position for his value negotiations.

By means of our efforts the price increases by only 1.5 % of the domestic net price, but at least by 650 € per delivery.

We never trade with guns or weapons of any description, with products forbidden for trade or consumption or with any products which succumb to export restrictions of the German ministery of economic affairs or of the European Commission!

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