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The philosophy

By accomplishing net export deals with our own premium cars we have been learning for many years through various legal disputes with the German tax authorities and the German tax court how many formal errors can be made concerning the compliance with German fiscal regulation.

Initially German suppliers often perform successfully net-disposals to EU or other countrys for years. Only after a long time the blowback effect appears just like a boomerang. Then the tax authorities turn their tax-free deliveries into taxable activities.

Suddenly and unexpected the german supplier has to pay VAT from five-digit to sometimes seven-digit value. These are damages which are many times higher than the previous benefit. Such unexpected outgoings often mean the end for the supplying enterprise.

On the one hand it depends on a professional and complete verification for the German tax authorities. That is why we request as many documents as neccessary from the foreign client.

On the other hand we do not want to distress our foreign clients with bureaucracy. That is why we request as few documents as possible

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