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Please find consecutively a selection of the high-quality cars as good as new that we can currently offer you from our own car pool and from the one of our commercial partners. You will discover at first sight that you come upon a really "handpicked" selection of especially attractive cars.

At the same time we always struggle for an especially balanced proportion between prices on the one hand and exchange values on the other hand. Due to our matter of principle that we only buy such cars that we employ for our own purpose and for our own staff at any time, you can be pretty confident not to make a wrong decision but to buy cars in grat demand and of stabel value. Thereby you will never have any problems to resell such a car, because its whole composition of paint, upholstery and special equipment complies with all criteria in general demand. Concerning each car you can have a look at all our provided detailed information and informative pictures!

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, fax or e-mail!

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(12:09 PM, 09/01/2014)

From today our new website is online. We are currently...

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